Daily’s Alcohol Mixes

On my recent trip to Vegas with my girlfriend, we stopped off at the CVS by our hotel. The city of sin keeps it’s name as I stumbled upon this lovely item.  I wasn’t so taken aback by the artwork design.  The packaging design made it easy to hold and pour which I could not get enough off.  This product is the perfect item if you aren’t in the mood to mix your own drinks.  That’s right, if you just want to get drunk and get drunk quick… Daily’s is your mix.  I had a hard time swallowing the name itself.  “Daily’s?”  Shouldn’t we be a little more conservative?  No wonder alcoholism is a problem…but in fairness, it did make me want to have a mojito.  To go…

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Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar *New*

I’ve been meaning to post something from Trader Joe’s and I found their chocolate bars a perfect post.  I just ate the new Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar: caramel with black sea salt.  It is incredible rich and tasty and strongly recommended.  I picked it up based on the ridiculous packaging.  Standard chocolate rectangle package with the images of a marlin, a pirate ship and some kind of hybrid zepplin with wings vehicle. Even the Dark chocolate bar: toffee with walnuts and pecans has a similarly humorous picture of a large hand holding a nut over a smaller squirrel.

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Wine Cube – Target

I love Target.  I just found out that Target will be coming to Canada in 2013.  I don’t think it matters so much since I now live in the US, but it’s good to know.  Going up and down the aisles you do happen across some interesting and relatively well priced products.  It’s funny since I’m not such a drinker but so far my 3rd post is also about alcohol.

Target’s own brand of wine comes in a neat cube shape.  I found it cute and compact, and I guess it would be nice accompaniment at a dinner party.  It is however the equivalent of serving the “house wine” at a restaurant at your home.  Still…nicely packaged wine that’s sensible for the environment.

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Copper Moon – BC Liquor Store

I was drawn in by the sweet scent of alcohol. Actually, I’m not much of a drinker, but booze labels and designs are plentiful at the liquor store.  For some reason I liked the simplicity in CoPper Moon wine.   So much so I actually bought a bottle of Savignon Blanc.  I’m not a wine aficionado and I could amuse you with words like “crisp” “citrusy” “smooth” with a “light body” yada, yada, yada.  It was all that and simply a very good wine that was affordable.  I recommend it.  Not only does it taste good, but looks good on the dinner table.

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Welcome – The world of Tea: Tetley’s Herbal Teas

Welcome to Find the Design.  A blog site created to share the cool and unique packaging designs I manage to find in my life and travels.

To start off the blog I would like to share this packaging by Tetley, which I found at a local London Drugs in Vancouver, BC.  Tetley’s brand of herbal teas is called Tetley Colour Therapy.  I enjoy the simplicity of the design and the use of what I call “twirls and florals” which is very popular in many poster designs I’ve seen promoting concerts and contests.

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